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Are you open to...

   Reaching your goals, such as,completing  your dissertation, being the parent        you want to be in nurturing your biracial child, or an issue of work-life               balance?

   Discovering your signature strengths and learning how you used them to             reach your past successes?

   Examining perceptions that stand in your way, such as, inner prejudices you are    not aware of, negative  self-talk,etc.? 

   Setting specific and realistic time lines, taking planned daily actions to stay on    track?

 Using your strengths in new ways to reach your current goals?

 Making faster progress toward  your goals?

 Doing the work necessary to reach your goals?

 Exploring different ideas and ways to do things?

 Being better organized and self-managing for a more balanced life?

 Being accountable for your successes and failures?

 Learning new personal skills, e.g., positive self-talk?


...If so,then I would really like to work with you!



Discover Your VIA Signature Strengths


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