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You have been successful in juggling the many responsibilities in you life.  But, now you find the idea of tackling a dissertation to be daunting. Perhaps, you find it difficult to get started, you are unmotivated and unfocused, not able to set realistic goals,and/or feeling stressed. If this is the case, coaching is the answer.  As your coach I will partner with you as you work to overcome every one of these concerns and more.

There are many books and other written information on "how-to": how-to write a dissertation, how-to get along with your dissertation faculty, how-to overcome procrastination, how to stay focused, etc. Most are very good as well as helpful to read as an adjunct reading.  However, as your coach I will be a partner and an advocate working with an agenda determined by you that will lead to your desired outcome- completing your dissertation. Our coaching relationship, unlike written instructions, will be flexible in allowing you to confront obstacles and difficult situations as they come up. This can lead immediately to work on disrupting old unproductive habits (such as, negative self-talk) and making more positive changes. Coaching is not counseling or therapy; it is a partnership which adheres to a belief that you have an inner capacity to grow, develop, and reach your goals.

 We will examine your personal strengths to form a realistic action plan to overcome the demands and hurdles of the dissertation process. These are your signature strengths, which occur naturally together in various combinations of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and have allowed you to excel in other areas of your life. When your strengths are in play you tend to feel happy, confident, engaged and, most of all, energized. Using your signature strengths is a requirement for success.



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