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Population statistics indicate that the largest population of multiracial people is currently in college and that their numbers will greatly increase. However, despite their growing numbers, they are confronted with special challenges around their racial identity.

Multiracial children can grow up happy and healthy just like everyone else. Racial identity is influenced culturally and is adaptable, which allows others to make assumptions about your child's racial identity based on the viewer's perception. These assumptions can be validating or rejecting depending on the environment in which your child is seen. The issues of  " What are you?" "Who am I?" and "Where do I fit?" arise from the judgments of others in your immediate and extended family, your neighborhood, her school environment, the larger community, the media, and society at large.

Some areas that can be challenging to developing a positive racial identity include:

 Physical appearance: Is she visibly identified as Black, Asian, White, or racially ambiguous?

 Your family situation: As parents, what racial identification would you advocate for her? Do you both agree? Do you both participate in raising her? Are there other caregivers...what are their racial identities?

Extended family members: Are they accepting of your interracial relationship and your multiracial child?

Your community: Is your community one of color, a mostly white neighborhood, or racially diverse? Do you feel accepted or are you seen as a curiosity? Is there racial harmony or hostility?

Coaching is a positive approach to help parents as they encounter the complexities of nurturing their multiracial children.

As your coach I will use concepts of positive psychology to help you uncover the strengths, skills, and talents you already have to nurture her development of a positive self-esteem, self-confidence, and a healthy racial identity.  I will encourage and support you in exploring ideas, themes, and issues of race, ethnicity, racism, and the current racial environment with your children.


Multiracial Children and Youth Blogs


Janice’s chapter is entitled  “Parenting Your Multiracial Child.” She tells you what some of the challenges are, ways to help your child build self-esteem and confidence in who she is, the colorism issue, the need to talk about race, and the influence of race on parenting. She also gives suggestions on ways to validate a child's experiences regarding her racial identity, such as, starting conversations about race by watching TV together, or using parenting narra­tives with a racial topic.