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Janice’s chapter is entitled  “Parenting Your Multiracial Child.” She tells you what some of the challenges are, ways to help your child build self-esteem and confidence in who she is, the colorism issue, the need to talk about race, and the influence of race on parenting. She also gives suggestions on ways to validate a child's experiences regarding her racial identity, such as, starting conversations about race by watching TV together or using parenting narra­tives with a racial topic.

One book reviewer states "This book provides the insights and advice for parents to effectively build the long­ term, loving relationships so necessary in our families. I really do like the book. What a great group of positive, like-minded people putting it all together. So many books treat children like they are possessions and tell us how to treat them. But you all talk about what we as parents need to do, not what we need to make our children do. This has al­ways been my belief. Fortunately, it is the way I was raised, and the way I raised our sons, and it really does work. I think it is finally catching on." (Social Worker)